Almost there……

1 week to go until we converge on London.  The planning is done, the press release is out and my ferry is booked.  The BBC contacted me yesterday.  Nothing confirmed, but an exciting step in the right direction.  We have had confirmed coverage from Forces TV and the British Forces Broadcasting Service who will accompany us to the Royal Hospital Chelsea also Soldier magazine and national Radio will be covering the Veterans Portrait Project UK.

The British Government recently announced 3 days of commemorative events to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, which is fantastic. Unfortunately this made things a difficult for some of our launch engagement venues which resulted in some rescheduling and panicking.  It will be a memorable weekend to be in London.

You can find out more about VE Day 70 here


In an attempt to keep current and seek inspiration I generally have a video or podcast playing when I’m in the office.  Recently  Scott Kelby  released the latest video in the trailblazer series entitled, Powerful Woman in Photography.  The first  interview is with our very own Stacy Pearsall , founder of the Veterans Portrait Project.  I have seen many of Stacy’s interviews, mainly as research as we have yet to meet in person!!!  This one is the most powerful.  Stacy lays bare her combat experiences, how it feels to lose friends and colleagues in combat and how her own injury lead to the Veterans Portrait Project.  An inspiring, humbling and extremely moving account which will strike a chord with veterans and service personnel alike.  You can view the video here.

I am now literally ‘chomping at the bit’.  Almost 3 weeks of meeting some of our countries veterans, meeting and working with Stacy.  Being a more hands on kind of student, this will of course be a huge learning opportunity for me.  One that I will grab with both hands.

The VE70 weekend is also a huge date in the military re-union calendar, particularly to Army and Navy veterans.  The annual rugby match will take place at Twickenham on 9 May.  Having attended this event on more than a few occasions I know there will be a huge number of veterans attending.  If you are going and fancy joining the Veterans Portrait Project UK family please drop me a line and we will let you know the details.  We would love to see you.

I’ll update the blog as we head into the launch so please stay tuned.  I best start packing……………can’t wait!!!



The VPPUK Team



Almost there……