Gone To The Dogs ……

Our first engagement of the year took place last week when we spent a fantastic afternoon with 1st Military Working Dog Regiment  and photographed some of the incredible dogs and their handlers.  Never work with animals?  Nonsense! These guys were great, to a point.  Most were more than happy to sit patiently . Some couldn’t contain their excitement, and I have to admit, one or two looked like they just wanted to eat me and my camera!

Although the Veterans Portrait Project is about promoting UK Veterans, I feel involving serving members of the Armed Forces is also important.  They are our future Veterans and, in this case, the working dogs also.

Although the profile of working dogs has probably increased since operations in places like Afghanistan,  many of us are not aware or we often forget what an important role they undertake. From protection work, to detecting IED’s, Arms, Explosives, drugs and everything else in between.  Both dogs and handlers are trained to the highest  standards and deserve every accolade awarded to them.

One of the stars of the show was Charlie, a 5 year old Springer Spaniel, and his handler Bobby. The bond between these guys is immediately evident and it is obvious why they were recently nominated for the Friend for Life award.  Bobby and Charlie also appeared at the famous Crufts dog show earlier this year.



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Gone To The Dogs ……