Military Meets Insurance…..

One thing I hope to achieve with the Veterans Portrait Project UK is help dispel the misconception that all veterans are elderly and served in the war.  In the UK we now have veterans who are in their mid twenties, some of whom are suffering as a result of their service.  I was on the lookout for a less conventional venue to take some portraits and hopefully one that would reinforce my point about younger veterans.

I was put in touch with Chris Holt, one time Royal Engineer Officer and holder of the MBE.  Chris heads up the Lloyds military network in the city of London, a group I knew nothing about.  It turns out they are the largest RBL branch in London and actively support many forces and veteran charities.  With the assistance of Sam Aiken we arranged to meet at the offices of JLT Group in the city and conduct a portrait shoot.

We set up in a conference room with a fantastic view over London’s financial district and as the day progressed we managed to get a complete cross section of Senior officers, junior NCO’s, male, female and of course the younger veterans I was looking for.  A fantastic day.

The Lloyds military network are the huge supporters of London Poppy Day, held in November each year.  This year we have been invited to attend.

My thanks to Chris, Sam and to Brian Stanley at Concept Building Services  for the initial introduction.

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The VPPUK Team


Military Meets Insurance…..